Add a Personal Look with Photo Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for a way to personalize your wedding invitations? Or, perhaps you would like to make your wedding invitation something that will be more meaningful to your guests. Either way, you might want to consider purchasing photo wedding invitations for your special day.

With photo wedding invitations, you have several different options available. For example, you might choose to have your photo printed directly onto the invitation or you might purchase wedding invitations that allow you to insert your photo into a window. In this way, your guests can easily remove the photo if they do not wish to save the entire invitation. The photo can then be placed in a frame, a scrapbook, a wallet or anywhere else the guest might like to keep the photo.

: Simple Portrait Invitation with Backer
: Geometric Triangles Invitation with Pocket and Backer
: Geometric Triangles Invitation with Pocket
: Geometric Triangles Invitation with Backer
: Geometric Triangles Invitation
: Geometric Romance
: Floral Day
: Love Burlap
: We Wed
: Lacy Burlap
: Our Romance
: Two Together

Whether you choose to have your photo printed on the invitation or you choose to insert the photos later, you will have several different layouts to select from. With the inserts, for example, you may have one or more windows available for photo inserts. Furthermore, the shape of these windows may vary, from squares to circles to hearts, you will find several different options available when sorting through photo wedding invitations.

When it comes to the photo invitations that print your photos directly onto the invitation, you will also find several different design layouts available. Due to the versatility these types of photo invitations provide, you might be able to include several pictures on the invitation. Or, you might choose to simply place one photo of the happy couple on the front or on the inside. It is important to note, however, that your photo may be cropped in order to fit it inside the space provided on the card. Therefore, when searching through photo wedding invitations, be sure to read all of the fine print carefully. In this way, you can be sure the photo or photos you have selected are appropriate for the design you are considering.

In addition to considering the layout and overall design of the wedding invitation, you will also need to chose between black and white or color. Not only do you need to consider your personal preference when deciding between a black and white or color photo, but you also need to consider the overall look of the invitation. After all, certain colors and designs are more conducive to color photos, while others will go better with a black and white photo.

: So You
: We Wed
: Joyous Day
: Carved Out Love
: Darling Greenery
: Dearest Day
: Picture Perfect Love
: Romantic Details
: Faded Flowers

While you are not required to include photos with your wedding invitations, using a photo wedding invitation is a good way to personalize your invitation even further. In addition, photo wedding invitations provide a great way to “introduce” the happy couple to everyone who is being invited to the wedding. In this way, both sides of the family will get a good look at the couple before the special day and will always have a great memento of your special day.