Wedding Invitations

We have many beautiful and trendy invitations as well as tried and true classics and traditional designs to suit your needs.

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Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
: Beach Romance
Having a fun destination wedding? Then this cute wedding invitation featuring a beach scene is just what you need!
$183.90 per 100
: Beautiful Greenery
Beautiful greenery decorates the front of this wedding invitation and highlights your names and wording.
$135.90 per 100
: Pure Luxe
Luxury defined! Thick 100% cotton paper, foil stamping and your monogram make this wedding invitation a statement of your exquisite style.
$612.90 per 100
: Pearl Hearts
A intricate pearlized heart and rose border makes this invitation just stunning.
$213.90 per 100
: Ornate Wreath On Wood Invitation
Ornate Wreath On Wood Invitation designed by Little Lamb Design
$160.00 per 100
: Floral Bouquet Invitation
An oversized rose is accompanied by charming blooms, lending a refined garden look to this beautiful wedding invitation.
$253.90 per 100
: Shimmering Elegance
The beauty of laser cutting is exhibited on this shimmering invitation of elegance.
$652.00 per 100
: Splendid Wreath Invitation
Splendid Wreath Invitation designed by Flower and Vine
$179.00 per 100
: Sweet Pink Invitation
Sweet Pink Invitation designed by Flower and Vine
$179.00 per 100
: Floral Cross Invitation
Floral Cross Invitation designed by Flower and Vine
$179.00 per 100
: Typography Inspiration
A trifold invitation with an added rustic touch and scalloped border.
$236.90 per 100
: Natural Gold
A rich look you can afford! Gold foil flowers shine on this kraft paper seal 'n send wedding invitation.
$268.90 per 100
: Together Now
You're joining your lives in a stylish way. Choose the ink color to match that style on the affordable seal 'n send wedding invitation.
$189.90 per 100
: Loving Lattice Invitation
A beautiful laser cut lattice design frames your names and wording on this lovely wedding invitation!
$269.90 per 100
: Wispy Flowers Invitation
A single stem of wildflowers is debossed in pearl and gold matte foil next to the couple's wording, lending a naturally elegant look to this wild and whimsical wedding invitation.
$253.90 per 100
: Elegant Affair Invitation
Elegant Affair Invitation designed by Stacy Claire Boyd
$179.00 per 100
: Country Leaf
A country leaf design surrounds your initials on this ecru invitation. Choose an ink color to show off your style and make it custom.
$185.90 per 100
: French Garden Wedding Invitation
French Garden Wedding Invitation designed by Stacy Claire Boyd
$179.00 per 100
: Floral Cross Invitation
Floral Cross Invitation designed by Flower and Vine
$179.00 per 100
: Peony Wreath Invitation
Peony Wreath Invitation designed by Flower and Vine
$179.00 per 100
: Natural Linen
This is a on-of-a-kind all 'n one wedding invitation! The vine and linen design brings two trends together.
$172.90 per 100
: Dashing Greenery Invitation
A dashing silver foil embossed greenery design surrounds your wording on this beautiful wedding invitation. Your names in a script font standout.
$338.90 per 100
: Vintage Falling Roses Invitation
Vintage Falling Roses Invitation designed by Tumbalina
$173.00 per 100
: Glistening Florets Foil-Pressed Invitation
Glistening Florets Foil-Pressed Invitation designed by Little Lamb Design
$208.00 per 100
: Paisley Leaf Invitation
Imaginative design and shimmering paper come together to create this gorgeous wedding invitation with paisley pattern leaves along the top.
$221.90 per 100
: Modern Succulents Invitation
Modern Succulents Invitation designed by Little Lamb Design
$160.00 per 100
: Deckled in Pearl
The shimmering, pearl deckled edge adds flair to this white invitation. The simple detail is stunning and will be admired by all your friends and family!
$800.00 per 100
: Damask Border
The damask, the monogram - all that elegance at an affordable price! Choose the ink color for this kraft paper sep 'n send invitation.
$192.90 per 100

Following Up on Your Response Cards

Budgeting and planning for your wedding and your reception is a very time-consuming and potentially stressful process. Unfortunately, it can be made even more difficult when you are uncertain about the number of people who will actually show up.

According to most experts, anywhere from 7 to 10% of those who send back a response card indicating they will attend the wedding will not actually come. Further, about 20 to 30% of the people you invite will show up for the wedding, but not for the reception.

Despite the uncertainty regarding who will actually show up to the wedding and the reception, sending out response cards is the only way to estimate the number of people who will attend.

Therefore, if you do not receive reply cards from some of your guests by the reply date, you should feel free to give those guests a call in order to finalize your guest list and determine how much food and drink you will need for your big day.

Expressing Your Theme with Your Wedding Invitations

When selecting the style of your wedding invitation, it is important to select one that fits within the style of your wedding. This way, your wedding guests will have a clear understanding of the type of wedding you plan to have and how they should dress for the occasion.

If you are planning a formal wedding, for example, your wedding invitation should contain formal invitation wording and use formal print and colors. If you are having a beach wedding, on the other hand, a wedding invitation with a beach theme would be more appropriate.

In addition to choosing the proper style to reflect your wedding, it is also a good idea to include a note with your invitation in order to help your guests know how to dress.

If you are having an informal beach wedding or some other form of outdoor celebration, for example, you may encourage your guests to dress casually for the occasion. By selecting the right theme for your wedding invitation and telling your guests that type of wedding you are planning, it will be certain to be a memorable and fun occasion for everyone!

Addressing Your Wedding Invitation Envelope

When it comes to addressing the outer envelope of your wedding invitation, there are several rules of etiquette that you should follow. Knowing what rules to follow can get a bit confusing when it comes to inviting couples who are in special situations. When it comes to the traditional married couple with the same last name, for example, you should use abbreviated titles and full names. For example, you would write:

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

When sending an invitation to a single person, you would follow the same rules. Therefore, your invitation might look like:

Mr. John Doe


Ms. Jane Doe (or Miss Jane Doe)

If a person has a special title, however, you would spell out that person's title. For example:

Doctor and Mrs. John Doe


The Honorable and Mrs. John Doe

When it comes to sending an invitation to a married couple with different last names, on the other hand, you can either put both names on the same line or place each name on a separate line. For example:

Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Smith


Mr. John Doe
Mrs. Jane Smith

Both methods are technically correct, but you may need to write the names on separate lines if space on the envelope is an issue. If you are sending an invitation to an unmarried couple that lives together, however, the names should be listed on separate lines and you should list them in alphabetical order according to the person's last name.

Properly Stuffing Your Wedding Invitation Envelope

Whoever thought that stuffing envelopes could be so complicated? When it comes to placing your wedding invitations inside their envelopes, there are several rules of etiquette that should be followed.

By keeping a few basic rules in mind, however, the envelope stuffing process will be made much easier.

First, you will need to decide if you will have one envelope or two. Using a second envelope is a matter of tradition, but it is acceptable to forego the second envelope unless you are hosting a very formal affair.

If you do have a second envelope, the folded edge is to face the back of the outer envelope and should be left unsealed. If you are simply placing the invitation inside the outer envelope, the folded edge should be up and the front of the invitation should be facing the back. This way, your guest will have to remove the invitation before seeing any of what the front of it has to offer.