Baby Shower Invitations

Browse our showcase of charming and whimsical baby shower invitations! We have a wide range of personalized designs to choose from, featuring adorable animals, trendy baby bundles, and more! Our invitations are sure to make your special day even more magical, filled with cute and adorable details that will make your guests feel extra special. Make your baby shower a memorable one with our beautiful baby shower invitations!

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Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
: Mama Bear
These baby shower invitations will be a source of joy for the mama-to-be and all of her shower guests! The brown bear and cub are surrounded by greenery, with 'Mama Bear' printed in green ink to match the leafy design on both front and back.
$159.90 per 100
: Pattern Baby
Whether you're inviting guests to a shower or a sprinkle, the whimsical and colorful pattern of this baby shower invitation makes it an absolute winner!
$159.90 per 100
: Vintage Grass Baby Shower Invitation
Dried grasses depicted in warm shades of beige peek out from behind an arched shape containing your wording. 'Please join us for a' curves beneath the top of the arch, while 'Baby Shower' appears below to introduce the happy occasion.
$179.00 per 100
: Floral Umbrella Invitation
Rain or shine, these cheerful invitations are the perfect way to invite guests to your next baby or bridal shower. A vibrant floral pattern decorates an umbrella that hangs like a canopy above your wording.
$25.00 per 25
: Charming Creatures Baby Shower Invitation
Adorable forest animals gather to invite your guests to a baby shower. These sweet baby shower invitations feature a charming watercolor design on a beige background with a linen-like pattern.
$25.00 per 25
: Rainbow Shower
The rich look of enhanced raised foil adds shine to a charming rainbow of bright pastels on this cheerful baby shower invitation. Stripes in coordinating colors and foil appear on the back.
$25.00 per 25
: Little Greetings
Celebrate the new arrival with a baby shower invitation featuring a cheerful welcome printed in the colors shown and surrounded by a garland of flowers. This whimsical invitation can double as a birth announcement!
$25.00 per 25
: Winsome Wildlife
A jungle full of whimsical animals plays across the front and back of a charming baby shower invitation that's perfect for any baby shower!
$25.00 per 25
: Hello Baby
The baby is almost here! Let everyone say hello early with a beautiful shower! Invite guests with this perfect invitation displaying the party information and colorful confetti.
$60.90 per 25
: Joyous Celebration
Invite guests to this joyous celebration with this darling baby shower invitation! The flower and whale designs are so cute!
$60.90 per 25
: Baby Bundle
The baby bundle will be here soon! Get guests ready to celebrate with this darling baby shower invitation.
$60.90 per 25
: Darling Moon
The soon-to-be parents are over the moon about their new arrival! Host a beautiful shower and invite guests with this card. The darling design will have everyone excited to celebrate.
$60.90 per 25
: Baby Greenery
Greenery isn't just for weddings! Use this gorgeous card featuring, an elegant greenery design to let guests know when it's time to celebrate the mother-to-be.
$60.90 per 25
: Blooming Shower
Bright flowers bloom on this invitation which is perfect to use when inviting guests to the baby shower!
$60.90 per 25
: Precious Baby
Invite guests to the baby shower with this trendy shower invitation! Guests will love celebrating the precious baby and the mother-to-be.
$68.40 per 25
: Hello Little One
Invite guests to the baby shower with this trendy shower invitation! Guests will love being able to say hello to the little one early!
$60.90 per 25
: Twinkle Party
Get the twinkle party started with this trendy baby shower invitation! The playful cloud design in blue or pink will set the tone for this beautiful celebration.
$60.90 per 25
: Happy Shower
Invite guests to this happy event with this fun baby shower invitation! Guests will love the opportunity to show the mother-to-be their love for the baby.
$68.40 per 25
: Rainbow Celebration
Your love and family is growing! Celebrate your future rainbow baby with this unique shower invitation. The gold foil accent adds extra luck to the rainbow!
$68.40 per 25
: Bright Celebration
Life is about to get even brighter and it's time to celebrate your future family! Geometric shapes and foil accents help highlight the mother-to-be on this fabulously stunning baby shower invitation.
$68.40 per 25
: Infinity Love
The baby bundle will be here soon! Invite guests to the shower and show the mother-to-be love with this darling invitation.
$60.90 per 25
: Trendy Shower
Invite guests to the baby shower with this trendy shower invitation! Guests will love your style.
$68.40 per 25
: Welcome Baby
Get a start on welcoming the soon-to-be new arrival by inviting guests with this modern shower invitation.
$60.90 per 25
: Baby Giraffe
Invite guests to this joyous celebration with this darling baby shower invitation! The mom and baby giraffe design is so cute!
$60.90 per 25
: Watercolor Blossom Wreath (Chalkboard) Invitation
Watercolor Blossom Wreath (Chalkboard) Invitation designed by Bonnie Marcus
$165.00 per 100
: Pink Plaid Invitation
Pink Plaid Invitation designed by Little Lamb Design
$160.00 per 100
: Oxford Pink & Green Stripes Invitation - Bear
Oxford Pink & Green Stripes Invitation - Bear designed by Rosanne Beck
$157.00 per 100
: Wild Bubs Invitation
Wild Bubs Invitation designed by Inviting Company
$162.00 per 100