Address Invitations Without Inner Envelopes

With all the new styles of invitations - i.e. seal and send, sep and send - , many are offered without inner envelopes.

The purpose of the inner envelope is to protect your invitation ensemble and keep things neatly organized. Its other purpose is to act as informal addressing of your invited guests and members of their family, and to make clear to your single guests that they may bring a guest.

But what if the invitation that you selected does not come with an inner envelope? What do you do now and how do you make clear as to whom you are inviting.

In the event that your invitation ensemble doesn't come with an inner envelope, such as Pocket style or self-mailer invitations, you can make your intentions clear a couple of ways.

You can take the time to include the names on the outer envelope, example:

Mr and Mrs David Jones
Suzanne, Timothy, and Christopher
123 Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts 12354

This doesn't apply to your single friends or family, but you will find other alternatives to writing “and guest” on your outer envelope.

You can include an insert with the invitation. Do not use standard printer paper as your insert. Use a nice sturdy high quality paper or for an elegant touch, use translucent Vellum. Your insert should be just smaller than your invitation, listing the family member names or “and family”, as well as “and guest” for your single friends and family. If your single guests’ are in a relationship and you know their significant others name, include their name. It is a bit impersonal to add “and guest” if you know the name of the guest that will be accompanying them.

Another option would be to wrap the invitation with a paper belly band, including the names of those invited, “and family”, or “and guest” .

You can also fill in the “M” line on your response card with the name of the invited guest adding “and family or “and guest” which ever applies.


  • Mr and Mrs David Jones and family
  • Ms Carol Smith and Kevin Riley
  • Mr Ronald Cole and Guest

You can simply have a line on your response card reading

"Number of guests attending ____” (that will be)

If you are including meal options on your respond card include the phrase “Please indicate you meal choices”

This will make it clear that their family or additional guests are invited.

If your invitation choice is a Pocket, you can use the actual pocket as the inner envelope, writing the family members names (and Family) or the name of your invited guest along with “and Guest” or their name, if you know it.