Do bride and groom parents names go on the wedding invitation?

When my fiancé and I started planning our wedding invitations, I was unsure how to handle mentioning parents. Tradition says to only list the bride's parents as hosts. But my fiancé's generous parents contributed equally to our wedding costs. I wanted to honor both families appropriately on our invites.

Here's what I learned about modern wedding invite etiquette:

  • If one set of parents pays entirely, only list them as hosts. This occurred at my cousin's wedding.

  • If both families contribute significantly, list both sets of parents. For us, this was the right choice.

  • If you self-fund the wedding, you can omit parents altogether. My friend did this for her small city hall wedding.

  • For informal weddings, like destination weddings, etiquette rules loosen. Do what feels right for your style.

While wedding invitation tradition has long dictated rules, I realized what matters most is showing appreciation for those who helped make our day possible. Will and I chose a warm, lighthearted invite wording that mentioned both our sets of beloved parents.

The parents were touched to be acknowledged, regardless of tradition. When in doubt, speak from the heart!