Can I Use Pre-Printed Address Labels For My Wedding Invitations?

While using printed address labels on wedding invitations may seem more efficient, it is not recommended. Hand-addressing envelopes is preferred to reflect the personal nature of your celebration.

The invitation sets the tone for your big day and is as important as other wedding details. Hand-written envelopes or professionally printed addresses show you care to make it a memorable occasion. Printed labels imply a lack of effort.

Rather than a chore, view addressing invitations as an opportunity. Try learning calligraphy yourself or hire a professional. Or gather loved ones for an enjoyable addressing party.

Your guests will appreciate the time and care put into hand-addressing. The extra effort demonstrates how special your wedding is and helps set the right tone from the very first impression.

Though it requires some extra work, hand-addressing is an important touch that shows your wedding deserves meaningful, personal stationery. With assistance from others, the process can even be fun and meaningful.