Do you send wedding invitations to the bridesmaids?

The decision to send formal invitations to your bridal party is ultimately up to you. However, traditional etiquette dictates sending invites to show appreciation for their special roles. Skipping invites could be perceived as rude or hurtful.

I faced this dilemma when planning my own wedding last year. As a budget-conscious bride, I considered informally inviting my bridesmaids to save money. But I realized the ceremonial value of making them feel special with formal invitations.

Beyond etiquette, formal invitations allow bridal party members to RSVP dietary needs or plus-ones. Informal invites risk missing these details. For my wedding, a bridesmaid informed us of new food allergies through her RSVP card that we wouldn't have known otherwise!

Traditions aren't for everyone. You know your VIPs best. But I'd recommend following etiquette to avoid unintentional offense. Extend your bridal party the courtesy of formal invitations. Show them they are cherished attendees rather than obligatory helpers. It's a meaningful gesture that sets the right celebratory tone.

If budget is a concern, find affordable yet formal invites. Creating special moments for those who stand beside you is worth it! But ultimately, do what feels right for your unique wedding.