What are seal and send wedding invitations?

Seal and send invitations are invitations that are designed and printed as folded cards or suites but are not sealed or addressed. Instead, they are sent to the couple blank inside so they can address and seal them themselves.

Seal and send wedding invitations are a popular choice for brides and grooms today. Here is a look at why these invitation styles are gaining popularity and some tips for using them.

How do they work?

Seal and send invitations come as folded and printed pieces but with the inside left blank. The couple addresses each invitation by handwriting or printing the addresses directly onto the blank interior. Then they seal the invitation by moistening the adhesive strip or flap and pressing it closed. This creates a hand-addressed, hand-sealed effect.

Advantages of seal and send styles

There are several advantages to seal and send invitations:

  • Personal touch: The handwritten addresses and sealed envelopes give invitations a personal, handmade feel. Guests feel they received a unique, personalized invitation.

  • Flexibility: Couples can address invitations on their schedule, perhaps while watching TV or relaxing. They are also easier to address than pre-addressed styles if last-minute address changes are needed.

  • Cost savings: Printing and addressing invitations yourself saves money versus pre-printed, addressed styles. You only pay for blank printed invitations.

  • Latest designs: Seal and send invitations are just as stylish as traditional styles, with all the latest trends in colors, papers, fonts and designs to choose from.

Why brides choose seal and send styles

Brides are attracted to the flexibility, personalization and cost savings that seal and send invitations offer. Many also enjoy the process of addressing invitations as a way to feel involved in small details. The handwritten addresses also communicate a sentiment of care and thoughtfulness to guests.

Some popular seal and send invitation styles and trends include:

  • Suite or multi-panel styles that unfold to reveal photos, schedules or other details.

  • Mixed media designs that combine handmade elements like calligraphy with printed elements.

  • Metallic foil or specialty paper accents for an elegant look.

  • Minimalist, modern designs with clean fonts and open negative space.

  • Rustic or vintage-inspired looks using textures like linen, kraft or patterned papers.

Seal and send invitations offer brides flexibility and creative control while still achieving high-end, on-trend designs. Their personal touch makes them a favorite for couples today.