When to Send My Wedding Invitations?

As an impatient bride-to-be, I obsessed over when to mail our wedding invitations. I couldn't wait to share the beautiful suite I'd painstakingly designed with our loved ones! But timing is critical when sending invites.

From my experience, here are some timeline tips:

  • Send save-the-dates 10-12 months out. As soon as our venue was booked, I immediately told guests to reserve the date!

  • Mail invitations 6-8 weeks before your wedding. I sent mine on the early side at 10 weeks since my wedding was destination.

  • For destination weddings, send invites 12 weeks out or more. Guests need time to make travel plans.

  • Include an RSVP by date 6 weeks prior so you can finalize headcount. I forgot this and had to track down responses!

It's tempting to send invites early when you're eager to share details with guests. But following proper timeline etiquette ensures guests can make arrangements. Send invites too early and details may change. Too late and travel becomes difficult.

Take a breath, finish designing your dream invitations, and drop them in the mail at just the right time. Your guests will be thrilled to receive your personalized invites when the date draws nearer!