Are all-in-one Wedding Invitations a Good Idea

As a budget-savvy bride, I learned firsthand how all-in-one wedding invitations can help reduce costs. Traditional invitations with separate RSVP cards and envelopes add up quickly. But with everything combined in a single suite, you enjoy significant savings.

When pricing out invitations for my 125 guests, I was shocked at the potential costs. Standard invites plus RSVPs would have totaled around $600 with printing and shipping. Then I discovered all-in-one suites where guests simply tear off and mail back the RSVP section. These came out to only $250 - over $300 in savings!

Here are some tips if using all-in-one invitations:

  • Ensure the RSVP section is perforated or detachable for easy mailing.
  • Include registry info and directions on the main invite rather than inserts.
  • Add reception details on the RSVP card area.

All-in-one invitations lowered my stationery budget without sacrificing style. I loved designing a suite that seamlessly combined all elements into one elegant card. And my guests found them super convenient to RSVP. If you're looking to trim costs, all-in-one invites are a great money-saving option!

When To Send The Invitations