Border Wedding Invitations

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Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
: Lavish Pearl
Shimmer paper, embossed lace swirls, a pearl dot border - when you send a wedding invitation this lavish, guests will know to expect a fabulous wedding.
$213.90 per 100
: Fine Romance
An ecru marquis style invitation with an inner border of embossed dots that surrounds your wording.
$197.90 per 100
: Delicate Dot Border Invitation
A wedding invitation with clean lines and finite details presents the couple's wedding wording with class and beauty.
$255.90 per 100
: Fancy Facets
Get fancy with this wedding invitation! The facet embossed border is one-of-a-kind.
$231.90 per 100
: Pearl Poetry
A double pearl border is on this crisp white invitation.
$231.90 per 100
: Colorful Blooms
Colorful blooms and foil accents border your wording on this beautiful wedding invitation.
$213.90 per 100
: Shimmering Waves
Waves and shimmering foil border your names and wording on this unique wedding invitation.
$213.90 per 100
: Pearl Hearts
A intricate pearlized heart and rose border makes this invitation just stunning.
$213.90 per 100
: Eloquent Border Invitation
Keep it modern and simple with this eloquent embossed wedding invitation. The layout lets your names standout!
$221.90 per 100
: Lacy Emphasis Invitation
Naturally beautiful with a delicate sense of style, this wedding invitation features a border of elegant leaves with fine lines reminisce of feminine lace.
$253.90 per 100
: Antique Filigree Frame
Vintage wedding? Romantic wedding? Western wedding? Introduce it perfectly with these wedding invitations with a crackled, antique black background.
$154.90 per 100
: Patterned Geo
A fun and modern geo pattern borders your names and wording on this beautiful wedding invitation.
$135.90 per 100
: Black Bordered Elegance Invitation
A truly classic look with embossed borders including a dramatic black border around the wedding invitation wording.
$221.90 per 100
: Dotted Border Invitation
A fun tan pearl embossed dotted border decorates the edges of this simple, yet modern wedding invitation. Guests will admire your style.
$255.90 per 100
: Modern Borders Invitation with Pocket and Backer
Show off your modern style with this unique pocket wedding invitation featuring a one-of-a-kind border. Add a backer to complete a look.
$435.90 per 100
: Watercolor Geo
A watercolor geo pattern borders your wording on this trendy wedding invitation. Guests will admire your style with this card.
$183.90 per 100
: Beautiful Borders
Not one, not two, but three embossed borders highlight your big news. The outer border is in pearl foil to make this ecru wedding invitation glow.
$231.90 per 100
: Blissful Hearts
Blissful hearts surrounded with a swirled border are shown on this affordable sep 'n send wedding invitation.
$198.90 per 100
: Vintage Doily
This laser-cut, shimmer wedding invitation with an intricate border will strike your fancy.
$366.00 per 100
: White Paneled
This bright white invitation card features embossed borders that surround your wedding day wording.
$221.90 per 100
: Notable Border Invitation
Contemporary floral artwork is captivating when blind embossed around the outer edge of this wedding invitation.
$255.90 per 100
: Bordered Terrazzo
A border with the Terrazzo design is absolutely darling on this fun wedding invitation.
$183.90 per 100
: Golden Elegance Invitation
This embossed border wedding invitation has been dipped in golden elegance and highlights your names and wedding wording.
$253.90 per 100
: Deckled in Gold
This ecru invitation with golden deckled edges will announce any occasion beautifully.
$231.90 per 100
: Endless Border Invitation
A gorgeous gold border border frames this wedding invitation and gives the illusion of being endless!
$253.90 per 100
: Shimmering Border
A sharp border frames your wording beautifully on this shimmering wedding invitation.
$221.90 per 100
: Exquisite Golden Border
Create a timeless invitation with this ecru card featuring golden borders.
$256.00 per 100
: Adorned in Pearl
A bright white card invitation is adorned with a shimmering, pearl border and pearlized dots. The elegance of pearl, paired with your choice of ink color, lettering style and verse are sure to catch your guests' attention.
$197.90 per 100