Bridal Shower Invitations

If you know what the wedding theme or colors will be, you should try to stick with that. If it is a traditional, casual or elegant wedding, the invitations and shower should be close to it. If you prefer to show your own unique personality, that is always a fun idea and helps break things up a bit.

Check out our Casual bridal shower invitations, Traditional, Elegant, or Contemporary as well as a plethora of Floral Invitations.

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Although prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities start at 25.
Blue China and Peony Invitation
Blue China and Peony Invitation designed by Flower and Vine
$179.00 per 100
Pink Botanical Wreath Invitation
Pink Botanical Wreath Invitation designed by Bonnie Marcus
$165.00 per 100
Delicate Daisy Wreath Invitation
Delicate Daisy Wreath Invitation designed by Bonnie Marcus
$165.00 per 100
Sweet Bride Invitation
Sweet Bride Invitation designed by Inviting Company
$162.00 per 100
Botanical Bridal Shower
Colored floral design on a white guest book with the words "My Shower" on the cover. Records 600 signatures on white pages.
$0.00 per 100
Bride To Be
Pink and white guest book with clear, varnished polka dot background and contemporary bride-to-be illustration. This book records 550 signatures.
$0.00 per 100
Ahoy Mates!
Invite all of your guests to your couples shower with this nautical invitation.
$194.90 per 100
Sweet Request
Send this stylish cupcake invitation to your sweet guests.
$194.90 per 100
Vibrant Appeal
Vibrantly colored letters frame the border of this napkin invitation.
$144.90 per 100
All Dressed Up
Dress up your bridal shower invitation with this two-sided, chic card.
$194.90 per 100
Hearts Aflutter
Bright hearts are fluttering through this bridal shower invitation.
$154.90 per 100
Celebration Conversation
Celebrate your special occasion with this conversation-themed invitation.
$154.90 per 100
Love in Bloom
Bright flowers are blooming on this two-sided, circular invitation.
$194.90 per 100
Green Ombre
This two-sided invitation has a green ombre design to give it a trendy look.
$184.90 per 100
Mix It Up
Have your guests share their favorite recipe with the bride-to-be with this invitation.
$144.90 per 100
Invite your favorite ladies to a bridal shower with this kitchen-themed invitation. Many paper colors and shapes to choose from.
$119.90 per 100
Vintage Woodgrain Love
Get guests ready to celebrate with the bride in rustic style! The calligraphy design on this woodgrain bachelorette invitation adds just enough classy romance.
$129.90 per 100
Jar of Flowers
If simple vintage is the bride's style, throw her a shower to match! This is the perfect bridal shower invitation for it: a rustic jar of wildflowers. Sweet!
$134.90 per 100
Damask Dress
Best dressed! This sweet, dress design bridal shower invitation tells guests to get prepared for an oh-so-stylish celebration.
$134.90 per 100
Purple Posies
Celebrate with the bride in fashion! The dress, the purple flowers, the details - guests won't be able to resist this bridal shower invitation.
$134.90 per 100