Casual Wedding Invitations

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Casual Wedding Invitations

Increasingly, couples are deciding to abandon the flourish and regalia of a traditional wedding ceremony - instead, they are looking to have a casual wedding with simple dresses and decorations.

Some even prefer to get married in their jeans with just a few loved ones present. In addition, many people are on their second marriage and prefer to keep their second ceremony low-key. No matter your reason for planning a casual wedding, we are sure to have the invitations that are right for you.

Even though you are planning a casual wedding, you still want to send the message to your family and friends that your wedding is an important day. For this reason, you can purchase personalized wedding invitations from our online catalog to send to all of your wedding guests. These unassuming cards are attractive, yet simple and casual.

We even have invitations and announcements for non-traditional weddings, such as for couples that have eloped. No matter your reason for needing casual wedding invitations, we are sure to have the style and design that is right for you.