Make a Bold Statement with Modern Wedding Invitations

Your life is fast paced. Everything about you: your home, your car, your job...everything suggests that you are living life in the here and now. A contemporary lifestyle deserves a contemporary style of wedding invitation.

You are looking for very contemporary and sleek designs when creating that special day. With the help of modern wedding invitations, your invitations can reflect that same ideology that you enjoy in your everyday life.

Achieve a Contemporary Look with the Help of Laser Cuts

Starting with laser cuts, the modern wedding invitation can feature a wide variety of shapes, sizes and variations of theme within each line to create a very diverse look. The die cuts, although seemingly simplistic, reveal a touch of classic flair with just a pinch of fun, while still keeping the integrity of a contemporary design. Specialty folds, and variations in envelope sizes add to the contemporary style that says to your guests you not only enjoy a contemporary lifestyle, but you have an excellent eye for detail and a flair for design!

Enjoying the Whole Package

Packages vary from the very basic: invitations with return cards and envelopes, to more intricately designed orders. More detailed orders may include such items like: thank you notes or card, reminder cards, reception folders and other pieces that assist in planning the event. The suggestions for accent pieces or accompanying gifts are truly idyllic for this line. As shown in the 'Romantic in Red' line, an accent piece of wax seals may be ordered to really create not only a personalized feel, but a very different appeal to your guests. Imagine their surprise, opening the mail, to find their invitations are sent with a wax seal!

: Deluxe Style Invitation
: Modern Borders Invitation with Pocket and Backer
: Modern Borders Invitation with Pocket
: Sumptuously Elegant Invitation
: Ornate Geo Response and Envelope
: Mud Cloth Pattern Invitation

Make a Statement with a Contemporary Design

Unlike some of the other lines, a modern and contemporary line of wedding invitations will offer bolder colors in the card stocks, papers and in printing inks. Again, a contemporary lifestyle lets people know you are there without mucking about. A modern and contemporary line of wedding invitations will reflect that fact as well. The bold colors and typesetting is a no nonsense display of your wedding plans, without all the 'froo-froo' and 'frilliness' of some invitation lines.

Create your perfect personalized wedding invitation package on line. Review your choices with your betrothed or family and friends from the comfort of everyone's homes when you order your invitations online. Take some of the worry out of your busy modern life by ordering through our store on line, and take the time to do what you want to do...enjoy your special day!