Modern Wedding Invitations

Many modern and trending designs of wedding invitations to choose from.

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Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
: Color Block Beauty
Color block is super trendy right now! This wedding invitation is a great way to incorporate this great trend.
$183.90 per 100
: Initial Day
Your initials are eye-catching on this modern wedding invitation. The foil accents add a trendy touch.
$233.90 per 100
: Beautiful Vines
Beautiful vines decorate the front of this wedding invitation and highlights your names and wording.
$183.90 per 100
: Simply Romantic
Show off your romantic style with this simple yet trendy wedding invitation. Your names standout on this card.
$183.90 per 100
: Wrapped in Magic
It's all about the details. Pearl deckle edges, a sparkling handmade paper wrap and a unique typography format give this wedding invitation a touch of magic.
$447.90 per 100
: Dainty Floral
A dainty floral design decorates the front of this wedding invitation and highlights your names and wording.
$183.90 per 100
: Terrazzo Romance
Terrazzo is so on trend right now! Send this perfect wedding invitation to your guests to let them know when the big day is!
$233.90 per 100
: Watercolor Garden
A vibrant watercolor garden is captivating on this beautiful wedding invitation.
$213.90 per 100
: Watercolor Whimsy
A whimsical monogram in rosewood highlights your wording on this watercolor wedding invitation.
$233.90 per 100
: Watercolor Mountains
Watercolor mountains in gorgeous warm hues decorate the front of this beautiful wedding invitation.
$183.90 per 100
: Hand
Hand-drawn blooms decorate the front of this wedding invitation and highlights your names and wording.
$183.90 per 100
: Gleaming Greenery
A beautiful greenery design gleams in foil on this sophisticated wedding invitation.
$233.90 per 100
: Colorful Strokes
Colorful strokes decorate the front of this wedding invitation and highlights your names and wording.
$183.90 per 100
: Modern Edge
This wedding invitation is so chic and modern with a marble design and gold foil edges. Guests will admire your beautiful style.
$213.90 per 100
: Classic Callas
A modern look for traditional calla lilies! They're embossed in pearl on a white shimmer wedding invitation. Choose your ink color for style.
$250.90 per 100
: Modern Wave
Show off your unique style with this one-of-a-kind wedding invitation, The embossed wave design adds a special touch to your wording.
$250.90 per 100
: Lovely Elegance
Show off your lovely elegant style with this darling wedding invitation!
$195.90 per 100
: Silver Border Elegance
This bright white invitation has a sparkly silver border surrounding it.
$250.90 per 100
: Love
Share the love you both have for each other with this darling wedding invitation.
$183.90 per 100
: Wooden Wonder
Are you having a rustic forest wedding? Then this trendy wedding invitation featuring a forest scene is just what you need!
$233.90 per 100
: Modern Typography
A fun design and modern typography make this invitation one-of-a-kind! It\'s all about the two of you on this card.
$183.90 per 100
: Monogram Flourish
Show off your monogram with a beautiful flourish. Your initials stand out in your choice of ink color on the ecru card in this black pocket wedding invitation.
$371.90 per 100
: Ocean Meets Sand
This card is perfect for a couple looking for something vibrant when it comes to their wedding invitations.
$233.90 per 100
: Diamonds & Sunshine
It's all diamonds and sunshine with this fun and fabulous wedding invitation. Guests are sure to admire your style with this card.
$233.90 per 100
: Captivating Leaves
Show off your style with this fun and unique wedding invitation. The leaf design adds a special touch.
$213.90 per 100
: Linear Chic
Show off your classic style with this beautiful invitation. Foil accents add a gorgeous touch.
$213.90 per 100
: Darling Desert
A darling desert scene decorates the bottom of this fun wedding invitation.
$183.90 per 100
: Contemporary Celebration
Show off your contemporary style with this beautiful wedding invitation. Guests will be excited for your celebration when they receive this card.
$183.90 per 100