Save The Date Magnets

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Although most invitation prices are shown per 100, minimum quantities usually start at 25
: Simply Scripted
Use a simple save the date with pretty script font to announce your wedding date!
$124.90 per 100
: Await the Date
Send guests this picture save the date card so they can await your wedding date with you!
$124.90 per 100
: Heart Strings
Strings of love are around your photo on this save the date magnet. With this magnet guests will never lose when your wedding day is!
$129.90 per 100
: Dotted Day
You've set the date! You are ready for the special day and want everyone to know when it is, do so by using this save the date.
$124.90 per 100
: Whimsical Rustic
Announce that you are tying the knot with this whimsical save the date. Add a photo of the two of you to make it custom.
$124.90 per 100
: Picture This
Your love is too much for words so use this picture perfect save the date to announce your upcoming big day!
$124.90 per 100
: Social Typography
This save the date is so intricate that it's a must for getting guests excited about your future nuptials. Add a photo of you and your fiancé to make it your own.
$124.90 per 100
: Stylish Brush Stroke
With pictures of the two of you and a cute brush stroke design to announce the date you two tie the knot, you will show guests just how stylish your are as a couple.
$124.90 per 100
: Let
Let your future guests know the date of your special day with this colorful and trendy save the date photo card!
$127.90 per 100
: Classically Modern
It's all about the two of you on this classic save the date photo card featuring a modern typography design.
$127.90 per 100
: Modern Day
Show off your modern style with this simple save the date card. Your photo, date and wording are the focus of this card.
$127.90 per 100
: Set in Stone
Love has been found and it's an amazing adventure. Your promise of forever to each other should be set in stone with this save the date.
$124.90 per 100
: Watercolor Splotch
Fun watercolor splotches decorate the front of this unique save the date card. Add your favorite photo to make it all about the two of you!
$127.90 per 100
: Dotted Date
Add your photo to this save the date and choose the color of the dot design in the corner. This simple card adds enough that it doesn't take away what is important.
$124.90 per 100
: Carved Initials
Just as romantic as carving your initials in a tree to show you're in love! This whimsical tree save the date card announces your wedding date and your sweet style.
$115.90 per 100
: Spot Check
Got style? Check. Got color? check. This dotted photo save the date card gives you both with solid and checked designs in your choice of colors.
$129.90 per 100
: Chosen Day
Show everyone your chosen date for your special event with this photo save the date magnet.
$129.90 per 100
: Chalkboard Date
You'll make the grade for style when you announce your wedding on this petite, chalkboard design photo save the date magnet.
$145.90 per 100
: Said Yes!
You both said yes to forever! Now share this beautiful moment with the perfect picture save the date!
$124.90 per 100
: Snapshot
Put your photo on this cute save the date. Guests will appreciate the special touch and won't be able to lose it!
$124.90 per 100
: Photo Romance
Show everyone your love for each other with this romantic photo save the date.
$124.90 per 100
: Forever in Love
Forever in love is what your guests will see when you send out this photo save the date.
$119.90 per 100
: Decidedly Denim
Show everyone you're engaged with this photo save the date magnet - the date will stick with them!
$129.90 per 100
: Love is Art
Your love is a masterpiece, announce it with an artistic save the date. Make it one of a kind when you add a photo of the two of you.
$124.90 per 100
: Woodgrain Typography
Weathered wood. Vintage accents. If your wedding will made of these, then you'll need a rustic save the date to match! Make this woodgrain design photo save the date custom with your choice of ink colors.
$129.90 per 100
: Floral Frame
A flourished design frames your photo on this save the date. The special touch takes this save the date to the next level.
$127.90 per 100
: Two Photo
Celebrate your big announcement by sending out this magnet save the date featuring a flourish design and two photos of your choice.
$167.90 per 100
: Carved Hearts
The bride and groom's initials are carved in a tree on this save the date card to add a personal element that all guests will love.
$115.90 per 100